Smithfield reimagined

Smithfield Reimagined

Transform Smithfield Street into a vibrant, central hub for all users.

Located in the center of Downtown, Smithfield Street is primed for a facelift. The Downtown Mobility Plan includes transforming Smithfield into an efficient, bustling corridor that serves pedestrians, transit, and even freight loading. With significant development projects such as a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route bisecting the corridor and a full reconstruction between 6th Ave and Forbes Ave planned for 2023, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-imagine this vital corridor. These upgrades will improve access to the over 50 ground-floor businesses, as well.

Future concept of Smithfield being navigated and enjoyed by folks


  • Larger sidewalks with enhanced streetscape amenities (i.e. pedestrian lighting, street trees, planters, outdoor dining, etc.)
  • Bus priority features (i.e. bus lanes, bus signal priority, queue jumps at intersections, etc.)
  • Enhanced bus stop amenities (i.e. shelters, seating, real-time information, etc.)
  • Widened sidewalks at bus stops to maintain pedestrian space and store access
  • Dedicated pick-up/drop off loading areas for people and freight
  • Activated pedestrian spaces and public art
  • Shorter and safer pedestrian crossings
  • Improved green infrastructure: street trees and stormwater management



  • Establish dedicated pick-up/drop off loading zones
  • Activate pedestrian spaces
  • Pilot expanded sidewalk with streetscape amenities
  • Deploy public art to align with ground floor retail


  • Improve pedestrian crossings
  • Enhance bus stop amenities
  • Add pedestrian wayfinding and signage
  • Extend sidewalks
  • Two-way traffic at Oliver Avenue and Forbes Avenue


  • Activate ground floor retail
  • Introduce outdoor dining
  • Better connect Mellon Square park features with Smithfield Street

We need your input to help move Downtown forward!

Locals getting on a city bus with branded graphics around it.