Navigating with ease

Navigating with ease

Make it easier to get around Downtown.

Downtown’s outdated wayfinding system is only oriented toward drivers and doesn’t have much to offer pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists. The Downtown Mobility Plan calls for improved communications around multi-modal and parking options and builds on ongoing work to promote pedestrian, public transit and cycling trips by improving navigation elements such as signage, interactive displays, real-time parking information, and more. Importantly, these solutions will consider language, ability, and age. When even the most vulnerable among us can confidently get around Downtown, we will all enjoy spending more time here.

Downtown map showing ease of navigation


  • Pedestrian, cyclist, and transit wayfinding systems
  • Real-time multi-modal information in building lobbies and at bus stops via dynamic signage, TV displays, interactive kiosks, etc.
  • Connect and promote existing real-time mobility apps and resources, including Transit and and ParkPGH
  • Improve multi-modal maps that highlights rapid transit (both bus and light rail) and shared mobility options (i.e. bike share, e-scooters, etc)



  • Evaluate existing Downtown vehicular signage and de-clutter outdated signs
  • Implement new pedestrian wayfinding systems and signage
  • Create mobility hubs at transportation connection points (bus stops, light rail stations, parking locations, bike share) to support multi-modal trips
  • Link bike share and other transit-supportive services to bus stops
  • Promote existing real-time navigation, payment apps and resources, including the Transit app and ParkPGH


  • Update Port Authority bus and light rail maps
  • Develop Downtown Parking Management Plan
  • Launch employer and special event trip reduction Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programming
  • Deploy cycling, transit, and parking oriented wayfinding


  • Implement dynamic signage for curb and parking functions
  • Support universal platform for integrating payment and navigation apps for parking, ridehail (i.e. Uber, Lyft…), transit, and bike+
  • Modernize existing vehicular wayfinding signage

We need your input to help move Downtownforward!

Locals getting on a city bus with branded graphics around it.