Partner Toolkits

Help spread the word!

We need the support of advocates like you to encourage Pittsburghers from every community to give input on the proposed projects of the Downtown Mobility Plan.

What does your organization, community, or business want to see? What could make Downtown better for all, including you? Use the links below for resources you can use to encourage your networks to give fill out our short survey to help identify what priorities should move forward first. All toolkits include suggested text for social media posts, newsletter content, project hashtags, and images that you can share. Questions about how to best utilize this toolkit? Send us an email.

For Advocates

You advocate for your mission, now use your community voice to encourage your members to give their input on a better Downtown for all.

Advocate Toolkit

For Organizations

Is your team returning Downtown soon? Encourage your employees, partners, coworkers, and others to guide the Plan.

Organization Toolkit

Project-Specific Assets

This toolkit contains text and photos that you can use to highlight the projects you think need to be prioritized most.

Projects Toolkit